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Project Description
A useful set of classes that build on top of the Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows Beta. This project is developed and maintained by Touchtech.

Project Overview

Touchtech Kinect Community Edition SDK shows you how to build applications on top of Touchtech Kinect SDK (represented by the Presentation and Core assemblies).

This project is mainly being published today, 2011-09-27, to give you some insight on how easily you can build Kinect-driven WPF applications using Touchtech Kinect SDK. You need to have Surface Runtime 2.0 and Kinect SDK for Windows Beta installed in order for the sample to work.

The difference between Touchtech Kinect SDK and Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows Beta is that it adds a layer on top of it which is the pure CLR layer (Core). The reason for this was that Kinect SDK for Windows Beta is more C++/CLI-oriented. It also adds additional tracking algorithms to get a more reliable skeleton tracker. On top of Core is the WPF layer (Presentation). A WPF input stack has been fully implemented for Kinect Joints (HandLeft, HandRight, ...) and it offers getting the owning skeleton by accessing the KinectJoint.Skeleton property. It also offers to use the KinectCore.FrameReported event to get all current skeletons, get the raw color and depth data. The Presentation layer also introduces relative kinect joint events - RelativeHandLeft and RelativeHandRight - for making it easier for the user to interact with the application. These are intended to be used as hand cursors.

(Layer architecture matches Microsoft Surface SDKs.)

Use KinectWindow as base class. See KinectUserControl for implementation details of custom or custom user controls.

Touchtech Kinect SDK is currently only available for non-commercial use. Please stay tuned for updates around this!


  • Microsoft Kinect SDK for Windows Beta
  • Microsoft Surface 2.0 (Runtime or SDK)
  • Touchtech Kinect SDK (binaries for non-commercial use in source control)

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